Fish Guide

Although different fish species might have different needs, more or less there are some general rules in aquarium fish care. In this fish guide section, we will guide you through some of the basic yet very important information on general fish care. Feel free to contact us if you would like to submit your own fish articles or if you see something in the existing articles need some fine tune. 🙂

Where to put an aquarium is the very first decision you have to make before you set it up. It is not as simple as just to set it up where you want to see your pet fish. Setting up a fish tank at the wrong place might cause serious problems.

What water to use for fish in an aquarium is a common question for the beginners. There are quite a few choices on the list.

An aquarium water conditioner must be used as long as you use tap water in your aquariums. All of the water conditioners have the very same main purpose and they do the job just fine. Which one is the best?

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle is essential for the survival of all fish in captivity. Nobody should get aquarium fish at all without fully understanding of this knowledge.

Fishless Cycling with pure ammonia is the fastest way to prepare a newly set up aquarium for the natural and continuous nitrogen cycle to ensure the survival of fish and other inhabitants in an aquarium.

Fishless cycle with fish food or raw fish/shrimp is an alternative to cycle a new tank without live fish. It is slower than using pure ammonia but it can be done without the risk of losing fish.

Cycle with fish, also known as the fish-in cycle can successfully complete the aquarium cycling for new aquariums too if it is done correctly. It requires special attention since you have live fish in the tank during the cycling.

Some tips to speed up aquarium cycling can reduce the time required to prepare aquarium nitrogen cycle by considerable amount. Can’t wait to get your hands on beautiful pet fish? Use these tips to finish your fish tank cycling quicker!

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