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  1. Mr. Nikhil S. Asinkar

    The Respected Members,
    Pet Fish Club.

    Myself Mr. Nikhil intends to Set Up an Aquarium Exclusively for Oranda Goldfish.

    For this Purpose, I have the following Accessories :-

    01). Boyu 2 & 1/2 Feet Tank which Stores Exact 107 Litres of Water & 120 Litres Up to the Top Most Surface. Built in Upper Filter with Continnum Activated Carbon (Does Not Alter Tap Water pH) as the Special Filtration Media.

    02). Hydor 200 Watts Thermostat Heater ; Boyu Sponge Filter for Aeration; Resun Aerator Pump.

    03). Seachem Prime & API Fresh Water Master Test Kit.

    I intend to have Knowledge for the following Issues :-

    01). Can I Cycle My Tank with Fish-In-Cycling Method for Successfully Keeping Oranda Goldfish ?

    02). Can I Use Bottled Bacteria to Speed Up the Cycling Process with Fish ? I have read a Lot of Reviews on Tetra Safe Start. Most of the Fish Keepers have Successfully Cycled their Aquariums with Tetra Safe Start. But I am Unable to get this Product as it is Not Easily Available in Our Location As Well As Online. What is Your Expert Opinion about Fluval Biological Enhancer ? Do You Recommend using this Product OR Is there Any Other Product Much Better than that ?

    03). How Many Oranda Goldfish (Size-6 Inches) can I Stock in My Tank ?

    04). After Filling Up the Tank with De-Chlorinated Tap Water, How Long to Wait Before Introducing New Fish into the Newly Set Up Aquarium ?

    05). Now a Days, the Climate is Cold. Do You Recommend the Use of Heater for Oranda Goldfish ? If Yes, then What Should be the Ideal Temperature of the Fish Water in Terms of Centigrade since My Fish Tank is Closed with the Lid on the Top ?

    06). How Much Space (in Inches) should be left Vacant from the Top Most Surface of the Tank & Up To the Level of Water to be Filled Inside the Aquarium ?

    Please Consider Myself as a Part of Your Community & Give the Best Possible Recommendations for the above Issues at Your Earliest.

    Mr. Nikhil S. A.

    Mumbai (Maharashtra – India).

    1. Thor Post author

      Hi Mr. Nikhil,
      Sorry for the very late reply.
      For your questions,
      1. I do not recommend fish-in-cycling with goldfish. They are messy. You can certainly try it if you can’t get your hands on pure ammonia or other reasons.

      2. Tetra SafeStart does work to jump start your aquarium nitrogen cycle. This product is re-branded from Dr. Tim’s One and Only. It is also the same product as Biospira. They will all work.

      3. You can get two goldfish at most for your fish tank.

      4. The water can be used immediately after being treated by the water conditioner, as long as it is not too cold. For the temperature reason, I’d let it sit for 24 hours or so at room temperature. However, I do not recommend you immediately stock the tank with fish without cycling it first.

      5. There is no need for a heater for goldfish. They can adapt to different water conditions as long as you do not suddenly change the water temperature for them.

      6. I’d leave about 2 inches space above the water. You still need a cover to avoid fish jump out. They sometimes do it.

      Thank you for reading the articles. 🙂


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