Pet Fish Club Introduction

Introduction: Pet fish club was created as an information center and an online community for aquarium fish hobbyists to learn about fish care and other aquarium information. It is also intended to be a place for fish lovers to share their experience and joy of the fish keeping hobby.

Keeping pet fish in a home aquarium or pond has a very long history behind it ever since about 2,000 years ago when some Koi fish were first domesticated in China for non food purpose. According to a 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 11.9 million families (account for 10.1% of total households) in the United States have one or more freshwater aquariums at home. Over 0.7 million families in the U.S. have saltwater aquariums. Although the fish owners might not be the most numerous amongst all pet owners, the total number of aquarium fish far exceeds any other pets. There are more than 151 million freshwater fish and 7.9 million saltwater fish in the home aquariums in the U.S. alone. Compare to 86 million cats, 78 million dogs, 13 reptiles and 16 million birds, the pet fish has clearly won the most numerous pet crown.

Pet fish keeping has become increasingly popular around the world. You can find fish tanks and pet fish for sale almost everywhere. It is not just fun to have fish in a home aquarium. Most doctors agree that by watching pet fish swimming in an aquarium there is a calm effect on the humans, thus making it a good natural mood stabilizer without actually taking any medications. Watching aquarium fish is also known to be good for those people with high blood pressure. Regular aquarium maintenance involves weekly partial water changes, and it can keep the aquarium owners a little more active and therefore physically healthier.

Tens millions of pet fish are sold in aquarium trade every year. Sadly many of them die young due to the improper aquarium set ups and poor experience in fish care. Many basic advices from fish stores are often false because most of them only care about the profit. We the fish keepers have the responsibility to spread the correct information and to help those who just get started to successfully get into the hobby.

Check out our fish article section for articles from basic fish care to the latest hot topics. If you are a very experienced fish owner and also a good writer, we can use your help to expand our article base. Feel free to contact us!

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